Photo Review – Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold Replica Watch


It is another nice day to share some beautiful things with every one .  Now see what i got you today . View the photo




I am proud to show off my favorite collection  – The rose gold Hublot big bang watch edition .


The watch comes with original Japanese OS quartz chronograph movement , which is battery operated . I really recommend all my friends to take a quartz watch instead of automatic for the replica watches . After dealing with so many replica watches i find out the quartz movement copy will have better quality than the automatic . At least it keeps much accurate time . I wear an automatic watch , even wear it everyday , I still need to wind up every day and what is worse is that it still cannot keep exact time . But anyway , It is usual case for a replica automatic watches , which will have serveral minutes sooner or slower every day .  This quartz movement provide very excellent performance in stopwatch , which set via 2.00 to start or stop chronograph and 4.00 pusher to reset chronograph .


Now we can take a look at the watch dial , black dial and small sub-dials . running second at 6.00 sub-dial , 24 hour indicator at 3.00 position , minute counter at 9.00 position .   The watch come in uni-directional  black ceramic bezel fixed with H shape screw . The black genuine ceramic bezel, I have to say it is the very good match for the watch and sharply improve the quality of the watch .  There are also other color available for the watch in white  or blue , gold , silver .


My this watch is with 18kt rose gold plated on stainless steel 316 L Case , the rose gold materials used in this watch can add up the elegance . Well there is a difference i need to mention is the back . It is not sapphire crystal back , which can provide a clear view of the operating movement . Instead it comes with the solid back , Hublot logo detailes all engraved on it .

There are two kinds of rubber straps offered in this replica Hublot watches , one is very smooth touch silm rubber strap . The other one is tire rubber strap , but i personally prefer it coming with tire rubber looking pretty cool !


I am sure this watch will look good on you too in all angles . Go ahead to enjoy more photos for this watch







Breitling for Bentley Motors Black Dial Replica Watch


Today we will show everyone not a Rolex replica watch edition but another amazing Breitling watches from pre-owned Bently collection . Of course you could find this replica in our store by search our item for BR.0.014 Breitling Bentley Automatic Steel Men Watch
After years ‘ sales of the replica Breitling watches , I find out this watch is one of the most popular design and most wanted in the market . You might want me to shut up because of your strong desire to read more this model now . Ok . Let us come to this watch straightly
First , you could take a look at the watch on mine .






How do you feel ? I will tell you my feeling with this watch . Very closy , the stainless steel is trhough highly polish and very smooth when put it on . Even though it is a full stainless steel watch , seems very heavy but i think we can handel that . yes ? I don’t know whether you agree with me that i always think heavy weight for a watch make it higher quality .

Now we came to the watch dial , It is all black dial with 3 small sub-dial  : 3.00 – 12 month , 6.00 – 24 hour indicator , 9.00- week ( 7 days ) . All the functions will work along time but you could set time and date via 2.00 and 4.00 pusher . Well there is a date window display at 4.300 , which set via crown .

The replica Breitling Bently watch comes with uni – directional bezel , sapphire crystal glass protect the watch from sharp stuff damage . Now we can take another photo from our store to see the stainless and buckle of this watch





There is Breitling logo on the clasp , which is securited ss delveopant clasp very safe .


I think it really look like a star watches , helping you to make a good shape whenever you put it . Also i have to say it is a very good timepiece to add to your collection too !

Photo Review – Rolex Datejust Replica Watch


Today  I am happy to show off a very cool replica Rolex Datejust fake watch to everyone . Which also draw my so much attention and i cannot help taking a photo on my wrist and share with everyone .  It is a really nice high quality copy watch totally deserve your future attention not only for its pretty out-looking but also deserve your respect on its high quality .






The watch comes with all stainless steel 316 L , which as i know is the best materials used in the replica watches  . And this watch is all polished finish ,looking very shiny at any time and will draw a lot of attention . Well but it is not the only one reason i so care for this watch . Now we can take a closer-up .


The rare mother pearl of black dial around with 10 brilliant round clear diamond hour markers , which prevent this watch from simple and ordinary impression . Specially the bezel set with round cut beautiful diamond .  As i know the diamond is made of crystal and inlaid by hand , which make sure it not easily fall off the watch .


But i still have to say this watch keep its iconic design of Rolex , which easily tell at first sight it is a Rolex brand .  What impress most for the Rolex brand : Week – Date  , Dial with Rolex logo at 12.00 position , stainless steel president bracelet , Rolex fllip lock clasp with Rolex logo


One more thing i want to mention for this Replica Rolex Datejust men watch is its movement . It is operated with top 1 grade automatic movement for replicas providing excellent functions including : Calendar , Water Proof and accuarte time .


Now you could go ahead to view more photos for this Rolex watch or visit our website






Bvlgari Serpenti Swiss Quartz Snake Steel Watch

This will be a very cool weekend for the Lake Fashion week is on here and running in full wing but also a group of celebrities gathering to attend to the Porsche-Southern Command Polo Cup by the Amateur Riders Club including Tara Sharma , Milan Luthria and likes .

All celebrities rock the cocktail party with their fashion dress and accessories . Specially Sophie Chowdry made for quite a showstopper in a turquoise dress, scarlet pumps, and a signature fascinator





More I feel amazing is the timepiece on Sophie .  Bvlgari Serpenti Swiss Quartz Snake Steel Watch


MOVEMENT: Swiss Ronde Quartz

CASE DIAMETER: 24mm width x 37mm Height


DIAL COLOR: Serpent Snake Shape White Dial

CASE MATERIAL: Solid 316 stainless steel

BRACELET: Polished Finish SS Link Coil Snake Bracelet

FRONT GLASS: Sapphire Crystal

BACK GLASS: Solid Caseback With Detail Engraving


BEZEL: Smooth Bezel

Water Proof

Ulysse Nardin Freak Diavolo Watch Review in 2003


Back when I was a brand new watch lover I came across something weird called the Freak. I was still too much of a novice to know who or what Replica Ulysse Nardin was, but the strange timepiece stuck in my mind – probably because there was nothing else like it (and still isn’t for that matter). Over the years the Freak kept coming back and eventually all the bits and pieces of what it was in full came together for me. I understood this freakish creation and all the innovations contained within it. My time spent trying to appreciate the Freak paid off, and it coincided with my overall horological education. Right now the Freak is about 10 years old – and still selling strong.

I recently had an ironic conversation with the CEO and COO of Ulysse Nardin. They explained to me the importance of building useful complications that people would use on a regular basis. That they weren’t into making wildly designed watches that had a very niche appeal. To that I responded, “well what about the Freak?” Correcting themselves, “Beside the Freak we mean. That is why we called it the Freak, because it is wild and different.” It most certainly is. The Freak has recently been followed up with the Freak Diavolo. Not exactly a replacement, the Freak Diavolo improved upon the original design in a few ways, and also added a tourbillon complication. The “Diavolo” part of the name came from two horn looking windows in the back of the watch next to another window of the mainspring that act like a power reserve indicator. I first talked about the  Replica Ulysse Nardin Freak Diavolo watch when debuting it to the world here.

The concept of the Freak requires a bit of education to understand, but in essence it is a simple and straight forward machine. If the design wasn’t so unorthodox it would be a great watch to explain how a mechanical movement works. The original Freak movement was the minute hand of the watch (yes), and it revolved around the dial on a track each 60 minutes. This large hand contains the basic gear assembly required to make a watch operate. At the opposite end of the hand was the escapement. Looking closely you can see each of the gears moving together in a beautiful expression of how a mechanical watch movement operates. Under the large minute hand/gear assembly is an hour hand. The original Freak offered the hours and minutes only. For comparison purposes I have added some images in this article of the Ulysse Nardin Freak Blue Phantom so you can see how it compares to the Freak Diavolo.

Rose Gold Makes Graceful Watches

18kt rose gold materials application only used in the top AAA replica watches . It is a high-end technology used in replica watch marking . It is a complicated watchmaking process to blending the gold , which will ensure the color will stay on the watch forever not just one or two years .

Today I am so glad to show off one of the rose gold replica watches in our store with compelling gold-plated techonlogy . And i am sure it is a most elegant watch with beautiful appearance in all replica . And here i show some pics to prove it !
Rolex Datejust Ladies Jubilee Full Gold Watch RDL003

This timepice is also the best-seller watch from our replica Rolex Datejust ladies watches . I think there are several resons why she is so hot among the ladies . I can list main 3 .


When you look at the watch . The first charm of the watch caught you is the whole design , very delicate and elegant design just perfect made for ladies . Second sight on her , you will feel her just made for you , simple dial in gold with stick hour markers , big date place at 3 O’clock position . The full rose gold color totally attract your eyes , giving you a sense of honor and grace just the feeling needed for a lady . Close-up look at the watch , guess what ? You cannot take your eye away her .  very exquiste  crafts of the watch , every marking and engraving are so beautiful and made exact 1:1 copy watches .

Too much comments make no sense . Just show you more photos to enjoy her beauty

Rolex Datejust Ladies Jubilee Full Gold Watch RDL003Rolex Datejust Ladies Jubilee Full Gold Watch RDL003Rolex Datejust Ladies Jubilee Full Gold Watch RDL003Rolex Datejust Ladies Jubilee Full Gold Watch RDL003



The Coolest Celebrity Blingy Watches

When comes to luxury brand . We have to mention celebrities . Where we get these luxury advice , Most comes from them . who always can be our guideness giving us us lots of fashion reference .

Now we can take a look at what watches you can usually spot from the stars .






Leonardo Di Caprio:  Tag Heuer replica watches are not his only love .  He is hardly spotted without a Jeager Lecoultre where he is for movie premiers or other public events ocassion .

It is a limited edition from JL brand , the Jeager Lecoultre Master Minute Repeater worth $175000 . The watch is only release the whole world with 200 pieces . but never feel disappointed when you cannot find it in JL watch stores . Because in our best replica watches Store you can find exactly same one .




The watch is very complicated made with power reserver and tourbillion excellent features . The skeleton and white dial makes it look perfect . Through sapphire crystal back you can see how the movement work .



Charlize Theron:  The girl keens on Dior watches , Maybe that is why Charlize Theron choose to cooperate with Dior . So naturally you can find a few pieces of luxury Dior accessories on her : watches , handbag , bracelet … But she seems to love the  Christian Dior Christal stainless steel bracelet watch most . Worth $7,450( 3.67 lakh) . You could see her sporting this luxury easily at any occasion .

From our store , you could also own this elegant made but stylish Christian Dior Christal Automatique Quartz Steel Ladies Watch at low price


the strap holds a beautiful black sapphire on every link of its three link set. It also has many glittering diamonds on the case as well as in the dial.  good looking design with pink , raising feminine sense for ladies

Wedding Party For Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie



It has been a secret since the engagement news came in last April between Brad Pitt and  Angelina Jolie  . While recently it has finally been clear due to Pitt gaining the permittion last month and a promise of the marriage coming within next 90 days .

The permission application is from France , which only give 90 days to arrange everything . This is quite a rush , giving both lots of pressure . But as we know , their marriage was completed in France after their attenting to the cannes film festival last May .

As we all know , Brad Pitt ever paid a large fortune on a luxury to pick up a top AAA replica Patek Philippe limited edition as a gift for Angelina . which cost more than $38 million . It is quite a luxury gift , You could vie this luxury watch by the photo below

Patek Philippe 24 Hours Ladies Diamond Watch


The watch comes with double diamond engraved on the bezel . The stainless steel case and bracelet all come with perfect brushed finish . The watch comes with white dial with roman and diamond bezel .  The swiss quartz make sure the time accuaracy operated with battery .

Even if this is a really very nice watch impressive on its elegant design , which is totally a sexy watch for  Angelina Jolie  . But the girl seems prefer the replica Cartier swiss .  Angelia can often be spotted sporting a nice Cartier Tank Gold watch .


Tracking Celebrities and what watches they are wearing


Watches give the woman not just a piece of accessory but also the perfect explaining for modern woman ‘s personality , which can set off the beauty and honorable qualities from woman . Nowadays everybody gonna wear a watch to show off her styling . You could see that from the celebrities .






The A-List have called time on cuffs by replacing them with arm candy in the shape of statement watches. The  large styling full black ceramic Big bang watch , proving the watch is the accessory your wrists should show-off this season






Sienna Miller , the  influential  fashionista went for a super large men Rolex replica yellow gold watch  at a recent premier, illustrating the influence a super-size watch can have on your outfit : Men or Women can control it so well !







As the image ambassador of the pre-owned Omega brand , Daniel Graig is not surprise to spot wearing his latest Omega product Omega skyfall replica watch . While in his recent public appearance , he show off with a Rolex Daytona watch

I totally lost myself in all these luxury watches . Well , pick up one for myself . Of course go to the best replica watch store




Audemars Piguet Ambassador Arnold Schwarzenegger Visits SIHH


Actor and former governor of California  Arnold Schwarzenegger stopped by Audemars Piguet booth at SIHH on January 19th. Alongside CEO Philippe Merk, the Audemars Piguet brand ambassador got a personal viewing of the 2013 collection.


Proudly displaying one of his favorite models, the Royal Oak Offshore Arnold Schwarzenegger the Legacy, he was awed by the open worked extra-thin Royal Oak tourbillon, a limited edition of 40 pieces chiefly created for the 40th year anniversary of the collection.

He then spoke to Octavio Garcia, Audemars Piguet Creative Director and congratulated him on the design of the collections. Mr. Schwarzenegger finished his visit with a quick tour around the salon where he acknowledged many of his fans.

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