Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica , The Jewelry Design watch


replica cartier ballon bleu watches

replica cartier ballon bleu watches & Love bracelet


I thought why so many people love Cartier Jewelry ? The photo above can tell ! Cartier Jewelry can always so stand out in such a mash up .

Cartier Ballon Bleu replica is just like the Love Cartier line specially made for woman with unique feminine : elegant , fashionable and beautiful . Why Cartier ballon bleu watch so well easy-goes with any bracelet on hand , It is because it is not just a watch but also design to be a Jewelry .


Even the Ballon Bleu is designed for woman but it also is highly chased after by man , special its launch with a floating tourbillon , which is a whole new technology innovation and will make man proud to own one on hand .


The Cartier Ballon Bleu replica watch comes with 3 size as selection . Delicate small ladies size , Mid-size and man size . Nowaways more and more woman loves to pick a man Cartier , It is a growing fashion trend . The man Cartier ballon bleu looks just perfect on them with another charm .


Cartier Ballon Bleu Watch has played aesthetics to extreme. It makes its own features by combining perfectly with classic characters of a Cartier . Like simple and contract dial comes with the distorted Roman numerals .  The central hands are elegantly blue, slime and slender, making the watch more elegant . The eye-catching floating date window design is one of the success for this line .


There are various selections for Cartier Ballon bleu in classical stainless steel , fashionable pink gold or warm and bling yellow gold . Which color you want is just up to your liking . You also can choose yourself for its strap , If you love it flexiable , leather strap of high quality will be wise choice . If you want it looks luxury , large and level up , stainless steel bracelet must be your consideration


Cartier Ballon Bleu is designed to be a Jewelry watch for woman , How could it not launch a watch with luxurious diamond  ?


replica ballon bleu cartier watch

replica ballon bleu cartier watch


The glittering diamond is the best friend for every woman . You really cannot miss such a watch . Click here

Unique Cartier Love Ring Perfect match on Lisa

Yesterday i got one old friend visiting me . She is always so perfect making some of us an icon in fashion . Yesterday she looks awesome with gold Cartier ring in causal style


Lisa & Cartier Love Ring

Lisa & Cartier Love Ring


She is really cute . Right ?  And what really need to mention here is the ring on her . It is not just one ring but 2 . Lisa really has a different fashion taste . She is good at making difference . She makes it unique by putting 2 different design Cartier ring together but able to make them look so well match each other .  Here are both Cartier ring , which are the best design model from Cariter and popular .



This Cartier Love ring is the classical design of Cartier brand of very contract style and easy-going with any other ring to make any style . This is might be why Lisa choose it . She is a girl loving changing her style all the time . And this ring well suit for any style she wants .




The other ring is the same one I bought myself couple days ago . This Cartier Love ring is almost same style with the other but with diamond crested , which makes the ring looks more elegant . Well Lisa prefer it in Yellow instead of pink gold like mine .  Here Lisa think yellow gold has a bright, timeless warm color She is a girl who always want to make herself different , The Yellow gold can further show off my personality . While for me , I prefer to be subtle and low-key , So pink gold or rose gold will always be my first choice .



Cartier Love Ring – First Gift in 2015

I had been away for always 2 months with very busy business trip . And have no time to update my blog . Today i am back to write something i wanna share during this period

I bought a very nice new year gift for myself . It is a Cartier Love Ring

Cartier love ring

Cartier love ring


Cartier Love series has been the symbol of love to express the lovers’ undying love and devotion . I bought it for myself is to hope its good luck to pass on me in the new Year 2015 to find a really nice guy .  Of course this is not the main reason , the thing is Cartier Love collection is really cute and amazing design , which will attract my eyes on it and willing to cost thousands of dollar on such a little thing .





The design of the Cartier Love ring really easily catch every lady ‘s attention . Contract but not simple , fashion but not luxurious .  It really can raise up your noble position in one second when you put it on . That is why so many celebrities love to wear a cartier love ring . Not just it is a world-wise Jewelry brand , more is for its good design and meaning delivered on this ring .


There are 3 kinds of materials i can pick when i bought it in the Jewelry shop .  Bling 18kt Yellow Gold , Engaging 18kt white gold or Elegant 14kt pink gold . Obveriously I pick the pink gold , I think pick gold can be more feminine , which can deeply deliver a woman’s charm and conservation to anyone else .


Not everyone is willing to pay so much on a ring . In this case , a Cartier replica love ring can be a wise choose .  Visit @ . It is a very proffessional Jewelry online store to offer you all Cartier ring , Bracelet and necklace over 300 pieces of different design jewelry for selection . What interest us more is its price is very cheap from $10~100 but quality is made of top AAA grade but 1:1 well clone to original one .