Reviews of Celebrities Carrying a Breitling


Replica Breitling for Bentley is a timepiece designed for aviation . It becomes quite popular not just between the pilot but also the celebrities . You could see quite a lot of celebrities sporting the Breitling For Bentley . We can now take a look who ever wear this amazing watches


Two famous faces, John Travolta and David Beckham, sport Breitling watches and are Breitling’s official ambassadors.



Famous R&B artist, Usher, is known for his obsession of watch collecting, he has been spotted wearing his Breitling replica quite often



Adam Levine is spotted with a Breitling Replica Bentley





Breitling for Bentley Motors Black Dial Replica Watch


Today we will show everyone not a Rolex replica watch edition but another amazing Breitling watches from pre-owned Bently collection . Of course you could find this replica in our store by search our item for BR.0.014 Breitling Bentley Automatic Steel Men Watch
After years ‘ sales of the replica Breitling watches , I find out this watch is one of the most popular design and most wanted in the market . You might want me to shut up because of your strong desire to read more this model now . Ok . Let us come to this watch straightly
First , you could take a look at the watch on mine .






How do you feel ? I will tell you my feeling with this watch . Very closy , the stainless steel is trhough highly polish and very smooth when put it on . Even though it is a full stainless steel watch , seems very heavy but i think we can handel that . yes ? I don’t know whether you agree with me that i always think heavy weight for a watch make it higher quality .

Now we came to the watch dial , It is all black dial with 3 small sub-dial  : 3.00 – 12 month , 6.00 – 24 hour indicator , 9.00- week ( 7 days ) . All the functions will work along time but you could set time and date via 2.00 and 4.00 pusher . Well there is a date window display at 4.300 , which set via crown .

The replica Breitling Bently watch comes with uni – directional bezel , sapphire crystal glass protect the watch from sharp stuff damage . Now we can take another photo from our store to see the stainless and buckle of this watch





There is Breitling logo on the clasp , which is securited ss delveopant clasp very safe .


I think it really look like a star watches , helping you to make a good shape whenever you put it . Also i have to say it is a very good timepiece to add to your collection too !

Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime worldtimer – David Beckham


David Beckham has the honor to cooperated with Breitling and chosen to as the face of its Transocean Chronograph Unitime worldtimer Replica Breitling Men watch . A long and friendly partnership between them and a series of new campaign will develop around this innovative , historic Swiss pre-owned luxury brand  and the world’s most celebrated icons .






A number of travel Replica Breitling Flying Bentley watches has been released when you look back to Breitling brand history and with creative watch model including the world-famous Unitime in the 1950s and 60s . And this breakthrough has future proved that Breitling ‘s broad space for development will not just limit to the sky  even with long-established relationship with aviation .
Another new  groundbreaking achievement has been achieved and leading Breitling watchmaking technology to the next level by presenting the Transocean Chronograph Unitime in 2012 . The worldtimer chronograph timepiece has been housed in the new Manufacture Breitling Caliber B05 featuring a patented mechanism . Anther outstanding character in this ultimate travel watch include its double disk enabling permanent readings of the time in all 24 timezones, and its ultra-user-friendly crown-operated correction system.


Beckham we all know the most successful and popular football stars in the world impress all us for not only his handsome look but more important his success in football career as a style icons . Beckham stars in the new Replica Breitling Steel Men watch campaign featuring a highly evocative visual shot by renowned American photographer Anthony Mandler. In the advertising , you see Beckham keep advancing in front of a private jet on the run way of the Mojave Air & Space Port in California , A very free and easy traveler starting to his tour with just one piece of  Transocean Chronograph Unitime watch and just a bag


“I’ve always been a long-time admirer of Breitling,” said David Beckham. “As a company they create not only the highest-performance watches but also timeless designs that have inspired generations. It was a natural choice for me to partner with this fantastic brand.”





Breitling Dragon Tour Blossom Geeks in 2012 China Airshow Events


When Christmas to the collar , The dragons came to enjoy the happy moment . The Breitling Jet Team and Jetman are headed to the Great China to bring best wishes for the warm Christmas . The team is organized and special trained by Breitling for Flying Bentley brand and named after for its watches that made for the pilots . For this Tour and airshow to China events , They not only to offer blessings to new Year but also show the world their respect and dedication to the global aviation



It has been the largest and most powerful civilian aerobatic performance team among the whole Europe even in the world ever since its building up in 2003 . The team is world-famous not only for their grand modeling but also for their Superb flight technology , tight maneuvers and formations .




The Breitling Wingwalkers receive the totally different aeronautical training ,bringing people more wingmanship entertainment . What Breitling Jet Team focus on is the acrobatics of the planes themselves , While Wingwalkers focus more on  acrobatics  of the wings . That is where the name Wingwalkers come from . The team make us enjoyable for its excellent performance in loops and rolls , even more amazing at  handstands of top speed at 150 mph!


When it comes to Jet team . We have to mention the outstanding Flight genius in this famous Jet team . The name you should very impressive  Yves Rossy  A Swiss pilot and inventor , Who is dubbed the “Jetman” and is the first person to fly using a jetpack , which has been modified himself from a jet engines . The successful adjustments to the device allowed him to take a lot of challenge and complete a lot of huge accomplishment including successfully flying the Grand Canyon, the Rio Grande and so on .


Now these excellent Breitling Air Groups join into the Airshow China events and plan to carry out a series of wonderful performances in Asia the entire 2013


Jacques Bothelin the team member of Jet Team express that they will very cherish this precious chance even they will miss the European 2013 season but they will still get excited because they instead get another chance to  explore new countries and display to new crowds . They will go back for 2014 European season and share with this wonderful tour .