Cameron Diaz Tag Heuer Elegant Goddess






Cameron Diaz (born August 30, 1972) is an American actress and one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood . She have excellent performance in many movies and ever cooperated with other famous Hollywood superstars included Tom Cruis , Leonardo DiCaprio and more .


In her movies , she challenge all roles and every role impress me quite a lot . And i still remember one of my our favorites in all her category – The Holiday . In the movie She played Amanda, a girl from Los Angeles who finds out her boyfriend cheated on her and escapes to a rented house in Surrey, England for the holidays. Cameron’s character is a little pathetic and there are some times in the film where you want to reach through the screen and knock some sense into her, but then Jude Law comes on and we forget why we were mad


Out of movie , Diaz is a kind and good-natured woman with intellectual and cool portion makes a calm judgment and also prevents a trouble.  We all know , Diaz is not only a good actress but also born to be a super model


As a super model , luxury fashion will always link to her . I supposed the unique fashion is one of the reason for her become the Tag Heuer Star ambassador of this brand .








Cameron Diaz is dangerously more than just a sexy blonde. And it is in this spirit that TAG Heuer is most proud to join forces with its Beautiful Rebel .  Playful but serious, Tag Heuer Link Ladies watch defies conventions but always with elegance .


TAG Heuer Link watches are the embodiment of luxury available with precise quartz and elegant automatic movements, with chronograph and dual time zone GMT features optional in select models. Ladies link line featured in 27 mm stainless steel case with diamond integrated into the design offering diamonds along the bezel with bracelets have been made of stainless steel that offers a bit of a sporty feel yet is still elegant enough to be worn on special occasions


Tag Heuer link lady watch is in its simplest version but give you stylish feelings just like Cameron Diaz said when discovering the new collection.  “The Link Lady is more than a timepiece, it’s a piece of jewellery. When I put it on my wrist, I don’t feel it. It is easy-to-wear, sparkling, and feminine”,



Stars Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio Tag Heuer Charity


There is a celebrity-infused charity drive by Swiss haute horlogerie house Tag Heuer in The American Museum of Natural History  , where gather NY and Hollywood celebrities ( including Tag Heuer brand ambassadors and Hollywood heavyweights Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz )  , business, fashion and media leaders from the four corners of the globe. The charity push was for two very good causes to raise funds for Hurricane Sandy victims and funds to raise awareness for worldwise gender equality and female empowerment






500 high-profile guests  in attendance , and some were specially flown in for the  high-profile event .  Attendees were treated to a special performance by the New York City Ballet and donated $100 by Tag Heuer to  Cameron Diaz’s charity UN Women  and future $100 to  New York Cares and the ongoing recovery efforts following Hurricane Sandy


Tag Heuer also publish new limited edition TAG Heuer timepieces for both stars . Welcomed on stage by thunderous applause, Cameron wear a stunning Lanvin dress and proudly displayed her new Tag Heuer Ladies’ Link Automatic Watch, the first automatic watch in the LINK Lady line, and to present the Link Lady Trilogy, a limited edition watch, ring and bracelet set .  While Leonardo wore the Link Limited Edition with blue dial.







Profits from the sale of the Link Lady Trilogy Limited Edition will go to the UN Women charity, an international organization established to promote gender equality and help prevent violence against women. while proceeds from the Link Limited Edition will go to support Leo DiCaprio Tag Heuer ’s charity partners Green Cross International and Natural Resources Defense Council. Leo used the occasion to raise money for the Red Cross to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy by adding a fee to every bottle sold to be donated for charity.