Review of Ulysse Nardin Freak Diavolo Replica watch

At quick glance you will feel the freak Ulysse Nardin Replica  to be just sleek and classic . and at 2nd and 3rd glance you will feel amazed at the unique design , which is a true timepiece that is is revealed with free style . and it is true that the Freak collection is one of the modern attempts by the designer and they have excelled at capturing a gorgeous design. Now it will be a great pleasure to have a closer-up view of our new arrival limited edition from the freak line.

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Replica Ulysse Nardin Freak Diavolo limited edition watch is not the standard Freak and the flying one minute tourbillon makes it more complicated than any other freak models . The round case is made of solid stainless steel in good polished finish as well as the bezel . The brown dial shows time using Arabic numeral hour markers and two hands with the minute hand being formed from the gears , which dial is skeletonal in the center to create a fantastic design that offers an interesting view into watch mechanics while showing the time.The transparent sapphire crystal back is to further show off the watch’s mechanics .The replica ulysse nardin is offered in a blue alligator leather that is of very fine quality fasten the tang buckles that is comfortable enough to be worn all day.

New arrival Replica Ulysse Nardin Horse Year Gold Mens Watch

This new arrival Replica Ulysse Nardin Horse Year Gold Mens Watch will be the necessary accessory for every successful business man in the year 2014 , which will bring you much good luck . The watch feature its contract styling with very refine works .


Full Decription

  • Solid stainless steel 316 L , 18kt thick Yellow gold coating .  Elegant looking on wrist
  • Contract Dial with 2 horse engraved on dial , which looks vivid . Dial Color available in blue / black
  • Self-winding 21 Jewel mechanism , Original Japanese movement to guarantee its good quality
  • Good polished traditional round case , luxury , large and level up .
  • Case size is 44 mm , 49 mm include crown . The thickness is 13 mm
  • The glass transparent back allow you a very good view into the mechanism
  • The watch is housed with good quality calfskin strap with original steel folding clasp with Ulysse Nardin logo engraved . Brown / Black / Blue Band

New Arrival Ulysse Nardin Watches

Each piece of replica Ulysse Nardin wristwatch are made with a focus on its quality . Every detail is made to be best to make it just look like original one . You could have eye on the following Ulysse nardin watch to see how delicate our replica Ulysse nardin will show you .


ulysse nardin tourbillon replica
                                          ulysse nardin tourbillon replica


This good quality replica watch Ulysse nardin  will truly take your heart with its very unique design , a perfect combination of skeleton and tourbillon . Complication made but show a clean dail with all delicate details . Like special-shape minute and hour hand , quality look solid stainless steel case , well clone ulysse nardin crown , good functional working tourbillon .


replica tourbillon ulysse nardin
                                            replica tourbillon ulysse nardin


If you don’t like the all white design why not check this black model , classical black design which will bring you something mysterious and more luxurious looking . This will be cooler on your wrist .  Genuine leather strap will be a better option than rubber used to be made for a Ulysse nardin .  Thick leather strap , very quality feeling and looking to have it on hand . Sapphire crystal back will give a good view on how it work .

If you wanna see other color option of the aaa rpelica ulysse nardin . Just check here


Grey Dial , make the replica watch more special .


White dial but with black leather strap to make it look more beautiful

Replica Ulysse Nardin New Watch Reviews


Today i am so glad to find out a very nice replica watch in the market . and i cannot wait to take some photos and show off in my blog




The first replica watch i would love to show is the replica Ulysse Nardin Freak Blue watch . As recommended by the seller . It is the latest new edition from Ulysse Nardin . I ever seek for Freak copy but with answer no before . Now i know it is because of the complication of skill . Now I can have one even if it is a fake but still very precious because it is a very nice addition to my collection .





This is not a new replica watch from Ulysse Nardin . Because i ever saw it sold in the market . But for a long time it stop producing . Now i find this replica Ulysse Nardin Freak tourbillion watch back . I am really excited that i can have a new addition to my collection . I pick up this gold instead of silver because i think roes gold will make it more elegant not just masculine for a gentleman .



I will keep every friend enjoying my blog update for some other new model i saw . and really hope you can have fun as always



Ulysse Nardin Executive Lady Watch


Mother’s Day has passed, but there’s always an excuse to buy something extra special for the woman in your life (or for yourself). Replica Ulysse Nardin‘s sparkling Executive Lady watch is a perfect gift. Its men’s counterpart is the special Ulysse Nardin Executive Dual Time.

The newest Executive Lady sparkles with a diamond-set bezel (in place of last models’ snow-white ceramic), which creates an additional element of elegance. A mother-of-pearl dial, available in the palest hues like pink and blue, is protected by a sapphire crystal, and a 40 mm, stainless steel or 18-karat gold diamond-embellished case. The self-winding timepiece offers a 42-hour power reserve, along with 50 meters of water resistance.

If you remember, in 1996 the Replica Ulysse Nardin Freak Diavolo introduced a patented Dual Time system, one of its many technological breakthroughs. With only one press of the ceramic pushers along the bezel, the hour hand instantly adjusts to a different time zone. This second timezone is located “digitally” on the left of the dial.

There is also a “big date” indicator and small seconds hand.  The white bezel is in ceramic, as are the pushers on the left of the case to change the second timezone. Handy for a jet setting woman executive, or indeed anyone who deals with markets in different territitories.  Approximately $18,700 Ulysse Nardin Freak Blue Phantom.
Beautiful, yet practical.

Ulysse Nardin Freak Diavolo Watch Review in 2003


Back when I was a brand new watch lover I came across something weird called the Freak. I was still too much of a novice to know who or what Replica Ulysse Nardin was, but the strange timepiece stuck in my mind – probably because there was nothing else like it (and still isn’t for that matter). Over the years the Freak kept coming back and eventually all the bits and pieces of what it was in full came together for me. I understood this freakish creation and all the innovations contained within it. My time spent trying to appreciate the Freak paid off, and it coincided with my overall horological education. Right now the Freak is about 10 years old – and still selling strong.

I recently had an ironic conversation with the CEO and COO of Ulysse Nardin. They explained to me the importance of building useful complications that people would use on a regular basis. That they weren’t into making wildly designed watches that had a very niche appeal. To that I responded, “well what about the Freak?” Correcting themselves, “Beside the Freak we mean. That is why we called it the Freak, because it is wild and different.” It most certainly is. The Freak has recently been followed up with the Freak Diavolo. Not exactly a replacement, the Freak Diavolo improved upon the original design in a few ways, and also added a tourbillon complication. The “Diavolo” part of the name came from two horn looking windows in the back of the watch next to another window of the mainspring that act like a power reserve indicator. I first talked about the  Replica Ulysse Nardin Freak Diavolo watch when debuting it to the world here.

The concept of the Freak requires a bit of education to understand, but in essence it is a simple and straight forward machine. If the design wasn’t so unorthodox it would be a great watch to explain how a mechanical movement works. The original Freak movement was the minute hand of the watch (yes), and it revolved around the dial on a track each 60 minutes. This large hand contains the basic gear assembly required to make a watch operate. At the opposite end of the hand was the escapement. Looking closely you can see each of the gears moving together in a beautiful expression of how a mechanical watch movement operates. Under the large minute hand/gear assembly is an hour hand. The original Freak offered the hours and minutes only. For comparison purposes I have added some images in this article of the Ulysse Nardin Freak Blue Phantom so you can see how it compares to the Freak Diavolo.