Breitling Watch In Movie




The first sight at the photo you will shortly know the scene is original from the movie Men in Black  . Which play by Will Smith who is a world-famous Hollywood star




The masculine man you see in the above photo , we all know this tough man is leonardo dicaprio , Hollywood actor who became world-famous for the classical love movie The Titanic . While what you see is original from the movie the blood diamond , and you will also easy pay attention to the watch on Leo’s wrist . It is a Breitling Emergency watch , which accompany Leo to take very many risk and still keep the way it is .


Replica Breitling Watch is one of the watch who cooperate with the movie industry . The watchmaker offers Certified Chronometers designed primarily for aviation use, though most frequently worn as high-end luxury watches. Breitling’s watches offer aviation functions, though their chronograph functions have become more of status symbols than practically applied tools. They typically have a large face (e.g. the Breitling for Bentley Motors edition has a 48 mm Case Diameter) for better visibility and to allow display of more information on the analog dials. Many models feature an automatic winding mechanism that is purely mechanical (i.e. using no electronic components). Many Breitling watches are equipped with additional functions such as the flyback function, split-second, moon phase, date display and other complications.



Cartier in Audrey Hepburn How to Steal a Million




Audrey Hepburn was born to be an international actress enjoy a very high reputation in the history . even she has left us for many years but she will always active in people’s life .


Hepburn left us many successful and classical movies films when she was active during Hollywood’s Golden Age and was once ranked as the top 3  greatest female legend figure in the history of the show business . She was a talent in both film and fashion . Her fashion styling has been placed in the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame.


In 1948 she appeared for the first time on film and her Brilliant film career started ever since . In her whole life , she left numerous world-famous classical cinematographic work and played all kinds of brilliant roles including Roman Holiday , which Hepburn worked as a heroin at first time as a Roman Princess and at first time Hepburn earned her first Oscar Academy Award for Best Actress and best address styling award . Also it is the first time Hepburn changed her image styling by a short hair instead called ” Hepburn Hairstyle ” impress the whole world and became very popular at that time , Which this kind of design fully show Hepburn’s charm and beauty and vigour . Except Roman Holiday , there are many other classical masterpiece like Peace & War , My Fair Lady and so on .


I also loved all the movies from Cartier Tank Audrey Hepburn and hate to say that the How to Steal a Million in 1996 is my favorite one .


The movie is about a love story happen between the heroine Nicole Bonnett  and the elegant thief who hired by the heroine . It was a very amazing story quite impressive and touched others for the sincerely and powerful true love . This movie can be so successful owe to the good story and good actress and actor . While there is another factor you might not pay attention is the great support and sponsor from Cartier brand .


Cartier brand . We all know a top French luxury brand with main lines of Jewelry and Watches . As one the brand who support film and television , All the Jewelry Hepburn had were all from this large brand .  Of course include the classical Jewelry Cartier watch on Hepburn in the movie



I bet you now have very strong desire to see what your Goddess wear on her wrist now . Here is more clear photos for you to take a clear view on it – Cartier Tank Louis Swiss Quartz Rose Gold





Know more information by photos and full description


Materials – Solid Stainless Steel Case , 1 piece forged case construction, 18K thick Plating .. 3 mils
Movement – AAA High Quality Quartz movement  – Battery Operated
Function – Second / Minute / Hour / Water Proof / Date ( at 3.00 set via crown )
Dial – White Dial, Black Printed Roman Markers
Diameter -Width 28mm x Ht 37mm x 8mm Thk
Sapphire – Scratch Proof Sapphire Crystal Face
Back – Scratch Proof Sapphire Crystal Caseback with Detail Engraving
Bracelet – Leather strap with Insignia Buckle
Buckle – Original SS Clasp
Crown –  One-piece solid pullout crown with o ring
Warranty – 2 Year warranty


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Breitling – Leonardo Good Partner In True Bloods





We all know Leonardo Dicaprio is a Hollywood hot movie stars who impress all us one and another successful and excellent movies including world-famous classical movies – the Titanic .


Not only Leo ‘s movies and all the roles impress us but also his heart full of love . He makes the most of every possible chance to raise the fund for all the poor in the world and devote all his life to help to build up a better living environment . And the cooperation between the Tag Heuer is the best proof for his passion in Charity . We hate to say . Leo is a very successful brand image ambassador having the very healthy , positive and progressive spirit


As a good and excellent partner for Tag Heuer brand . You will feel no surprise to spot any Tag Heuer Leonardo watch appearing on Leo .  And it is true , Leo himself frequently wear Tag Heuer watches in many occasions because Leo really love and respect this brand .


While if you spot Leo wearing a Breilting watch . Will you take it for granted ? I bet no . At least I will feed some kind of amazing . But it does happen .


In Leo ‘s movie Blood Diamond shooting in 2006 playing a role as Danny Archer who is a true blood man with very tough character born to be ready to take all the risk and challenges and always be in the dangerous places full of wars , guns and booms . And in the whole movie , what become the good partners and companion is a piece of  Breitling Superocean Chronograph  edition . The watch is just a hero as the protagonist and still remain a very perfect working condition after going through all kinds of dangers and sufferings .





We are sure you have quite a lot of interest of this powerful watch . Now we will future show you this amazing timepiece by a full information and photos


All the strong power came out from this watch could be rooted in the movement – The super swiss Quartz 73 movement , which is executive housed by Breitling with C.O.S.C certificated and equipped with complex functions including 60 minutes , chronograph and flyback functions . Even with many functions but easily set all the functions by just adjusting the crown and watch bezel and button.  Worth a mention is the materials used in the watch , instead of traditional stainless steel or titanium . This watch used titanium alloy materials , which feature in lighter weight than titanium and durable and strong pressure resistance specially made for the deep water environment . The sapphire crystal glass and screw-in watch bezel make sure the good water resistance .


I am proud now share you with the photos from our website now .





Hollywood Movie King Tom Cruise Link TO IWC Watches





Tom Cruise was born to be an Hollywood Movie King who has been nominated for the Academy Awards for 3 times and won Golden Globe Awards 3 times . Now he not only is ranking top no.1 in Hollywood stars list but also work as a very excellent film producer


Tom is original American and started his actor career when he was a young boy at age 19 while got his first leading role in 1983 year movie Risky Business .  While he raised his reputation sharply and became a full-fledged movie star in one of his famous and successful movies Top Gun released in 1986 and play the role world-famous as a agent .  There are numerous successful and impressive movies in his life . All these excellent role performance are the best proof for her acting skill and Contribute to his legendary life


Out of life , Tom is also a very good gentleman good at catching fashion and love to collect all the luxury including luxury wine , luxury watches , luxurious sports car and so on .


If  Tom is looking for a chance to operate with luxury brand watches . I bet many Potential brands will make the most of this chance to build an win-win benefit . To put aside their commercial cooperation . For Tom Cruise unique character , I personally think the best cooperation with him will be Replica IWC brand watches .


First we need to have a basic understanding for the IWC watch brand .  We all know IWC brand is a luxury watch brand enjoy international reputation and is a very high-end watch marker impressive others for its successful collections including very popular IWC Ingenieur  line , IWC Portuguese line , IWC Polit watches lline and more . All the IWC watches collection have a very brilliant common point is the outstanding brand culture and spirit .


If  pick up IWC watch to match for the man just as successful and impressive as IWC brand . It must be a legend masterpiece – IWC Ingenuier Automatic replica watches 7 Days 45mm edition would be perfect .


Before you say yes or no . We will assure you of this right choice by the following photos and full product description





If you want to convince yourself of this wise choice . go ahead to read more



Materials – Solid Stainless Steel Case
Movement – AAA High Quality Automatic with Functional Power Reserve (40 hrs) – (Decorated Rotor)
Function – Second / Minute / Hour / Water Proof / Date & Week
Dial – Black Textured Dial
Diameter – 46 mm X 15 mm
Sapphire – Scratch Proof Sapphire Crystal Face
Back – Display Case Back with detailed engraving
Bracelet – Genuine Nylon Leather Strap
Buckle – Original SS Tang Clasp
Bezel – Brushed Steel Bezel
Warranty – 2 Year warranty
Gift Item – Brand Pen or Brand Wallet
Gurantee – Ship goods within 48 hours
All watches test in factory for 24 hours before shipping ensure all functions work good
All watches accept 7 days return in new condition
Shipping – By Air  ( by EMS / UPS / DHL / FEDEX )  , EMS 5~9 Days .
Tracking ID sent via email after shipping
Customer service email –
Skyper – watchhomes




Make sure it will be a best choice you make for others before you future make sure . right . Below photos more in details .






Or you still cannot persuade yourself and have some other ideas for the best Tom Cruise Star watches


Gucci and Chanel – Choose Gossip Girl Blake Lively

Blake Lively the 24 year old young girl who is sharply raising her popularity since her first show in the popular American  teenage drama ” Gossip Girl ” . 
Ms Lively is the fashion favor with her pretty look , Sexy charm, elegant expensive gas capture numerous fans but also her fashion talent and unique temperament makes herself stand out in the world full of sexy girls and boys and become the favorite of all the fashion designer and magazine and luxury brands .
Now , Mrs Lively has been chosen by 2 large luxury brands – Chanel and Gucci . We know both brands are the best friends for all women and The luxurious and Gracious characters of the brand can make any women crazy for it .  So for any watch who can own such a honor to share the glory from both brands . We can image how lucky and precious it will be . 
Mrs Lively is just the one who can take this kind of honor . We know , she can be the embodiment of the Goddess of fashion . Not only from her movies or Tvs shows , we can feel that fashion sense but also in her everyday life . A girl every move is full of charm and temptation . 
For this charming young lady . We here recommend a beautiful timepiece from another women favorite brand – Christian Dior brand . 
Christian Dior Christal Automatique Quartz Steel Ladies Watch This is a delicate timepiece from Dior brand in fashionable and pretty pink color . The watch is made of solid stainless steel 316 L case housed in 33 mm for ladies with pink genuine high-tech ceramics bezel inserted . The mother pearl pink dial with classical Dior watch designer with stick / numeral hour markers feature its simple but fashion look . The watch is available in solid steel bracelet with pink crystal mid-link or in genuine rubber strap with folding steel developant clasp .
To make sure this replica Christian Dior ladies watch would be perfect match for this beautiful stars , we should offer more photos for every body to vote for it . 
Christian Dior Christal Automatique Quartz Steel Ladies WatchChristian Dior Christal Automatique Quartz Steel Ladies Watch
Christian Dior Christal Automatique Quartz Steel Ladies WatchChristian Dior Christal Automatique Quartz Steel Ladies Watch

Breitling Dragon Tour Blossom Geeks in 2012 China Airshow Events


When Christmas to the collar , The dragons came to enjoy the happy moment . The Breitling Jet Team and Jetman are headed to the Great China to bring best wishes for the warm Christmas . The team is organized and special trained by Breitling for Flying Bentley brand and named after for its watches that made for the pilots . For this Tour and airshow to China events , They not only to offer blessings to new Year but also show the world their respect and dedication to the global aviation



It has been the largest and most powerful civilian aerobatic performance team among the whole Europe even in the world ever since its building up in 2003 . The team is world-famous not only for their grand modeling but also for their Superb flight technology , tight maneuvers and formations .




The Breitling Wingwalkers receive the totally different aeronautical training ,bringing people more wingmanship entertainment . What Breitling Jet Team focus on is the acrobatics of the planes themselves , While Wingwalkers focus more on  acrobatics  of the wings . That is where the name Wingwalkers come from . The team make us enjoyable for its excellent performance in loops and rolls , even more amazing at  handstands of top speed at 150 mph!


When it comes to Jet team . We have to mention the outstanding Flight genius in this famous Jet team . The name you should very impressive  Yves Rossy  A Swiss pilot and inventor , Who is dubbed the “Jetman” and is the first person to fly using a jetpack , which has been modified himself from a jet engines . The successful adjustments to the device allowed him to take a lot of challenge and complete a lot of huge accomplishment including successfully flying the Grand Canyon, the Rio Grande and so on .


Now these excellent Breitling Air Groups join into the Airshow China events and plan to carry out a series of wonderful performances in Asia the entire 2013


Jacques Bothelin the team member of Jet Team express that they will very cherish this precious chance even they will miss the European 2013 season but they will still get excited because they instead get another chance to  explore new countries and display to new crowds . They will go back for 2014 European season and share with this wonderful tour .


Bell Ross BR03-92 GIGN Limited Edition




The French Armed Forces’ National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN) is playing a key role in the world’s against terrorism . The entire elite force bear the weighty responsibility to work for the whole human peace and safety . All the world lean on them to protect , who the rely on to protect themselves .  The answer from them is Replica Bell Ross watches –  the most reliable, versatile and exclusive timepieces  , which is considered to be necessary equipment to offer them sense of security .


Bear such a responsibility and honor , Bell Ross brand develop a special edition called Replica Bell Ross BR03-92 GIGN , which is supposed to be a  personal weapon function well with excellence for all professionals , who challenge life or death every second .








The Bell Ross make the BR03-92 GIGN edition meet all the specific needs top priority as an indispensable tool , Which is executive housed in 42 mm case made with matte brushed stainless steel . The black dial with special matte treatment to offer time readable at any situation . The sapphire crystal glass and screw-in locked crown ensure the watch  resistance up to 100 meters . There are option available for the soldiers in strong and tough canvas or the soft genuine rubber straps providing the perfect touch . The watch operated with self-winding movement offering power reserve up to 40 hours .


The edition is limited released only  200 pieces and is exclusively available to members of the GIGN with outstanding feature GIGN logo on the dial .  which includes illustrations that reflect the group’s mission.


Owning a watch from one of the world’s most respected sources of functional, professional watch brand , which specializes in functionality for aviation and marine endeavors . The force will have more power with this teammate . For Bell Ross brand making this GIGN ultra limited edition not aim at making any profit but an an occasion to pay tribute to all these hero and brave soldiers


Tag Heuer Celebrate Leonardo DiCapri 38Th Birthday





The Hollywood super actor Leonardo DiCaprio just ushered his 38 year old birthday last month and celebrate at The Darby in New York with all the actors of the  Wolf Of Wall Street ( his latest new movie ) and some of his friends including Cameron Diaz ,  Beyonce Knowles and her husband Jay-Z and so on .


As the activist of the charity , Leo never forget to use the occasion to raise the fund Red cross to help people trapped in disaster of Hurricane Sandy . It was reported that Leo spend a huge amount at least $3 million on alcohol in his party , Which was not a was squander instead it is a charity for Leo by adding a fee to every bottle sold to be donated for charity



Leonardo DiCaprio is trying many different ways to raise the power to  support charities of human and environment including the cooperation with world-famous top luxury brand watch marker – Tag Heuer .

Share with Leo in common value such as relentless pursuit for supporting the charity . Tag Heuer and Leonardo DiCaprio cooperated each other to support two of the world’s most important environmental charities: the Natural Resources Defense Council and Green Cross International.   When the relationship was unveiled , Mr. DiCaprio donated a multi-million dollar commitment for the environmental charities to prove his purpose . And part of the profit from Replica Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph watches , which was advertised by Leo , will be straightly used to support the environment .


You also want to help Leo to build a better world , you probably don’t have the chance straightly work together with Leo but it will be a way to support Leonardo DiCaprio by taking this Tag Heuer Carrera watch home








For more on Leonardo’s upcoming projects and admirable charitable activities or Leonardo DiCaprio Tag Heuer visit official Tag Heuer





Rolex Trace Love With Golf






It has been over 30 years since official timekeeper Replica Gold Rolex watches  announced its proud partnership with the open and has been present at more than 150 events by giving the longevity and strength of the relationships in top sporting events all over the world in golf , tennis , motor sports , sailing and more .



The privileged association between Rolex and Golf will trace roots to 1967 when When Arnold Palmer become a Rolex Testimonee  and since then Rolex established with Golf ‘s most revered major championship based on the common value in the high respect of the culture and tradition , in strong and persisted spirit of excellence . And this powerful relationship has attracted numerous champions with list of achievement in the past and present including Jack Nicklaus , Tiger Woods , Tom Waston and Arnold Palmer .



In All the golf player , who work with Rolex . I really like Tiger Woods . who has been signed on as Rolex brand Ambassador since 2011 . Even though Tiger Woods was trapped in sexy scandal and had very bad relationship in 2009 and was dropped by his previous cooperation partner Tag Heuer brand . Rolex watch never give up Tiger woods instead making a big watch deal with him and even produce a limited edition named after Tiger Woods – Rolex Tiger Chronograph watches .









Tiger Woods Rolex is the golf legend . No one can ignore his achievement in Golf even if he is having bad examples in his personal life but just as Swiss-based Rolex said “Rolex is convinced that Tiger Woods still has a long career ahead of him, and that he has all the qualities required to continue to mark the history of golf ”


Tom Kristensen , The God of racing with Rolex legend





Tom Kristensen (born 7 July 1967) is a professional racing driver from Denmark . Who has achieved list of success in auto racing while the most famous one should be the only person to win the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans eight times including consecutive champions during 2000-2005 and the other 2 took place in 1997 and 2003


Tom is good at dealing with team work since it is a large family for him and all the other racer driver to be a team . Just as what he said Motor racing is a team sport that requires a team effort so this recognition also goes to the team within Audi Sport and my driver colleagues, along with the voters. Nothing can compare to performing well within a group where you can share both the hard work, passion and the success of what you are doing.”


Such a outstanding legend figure in racer field with unyielding, passionate and intransigent spirit and great passionate in team work . That is what Rolex brand always look for . Having common spirit concept and pursuit , Rolex brand the world’s top luxury watch marker proudly invite Tom to join in another big family .







Without the supports from the perfect official Rolex timer , 24 hours of Le mans will not be able to set off the brilliant glory as today . The partner relationship between Rolex brand and this event will be traced root to 2001 and since then Rolex will award every winner the ” Spirit of Le Mans ” Reward with special meanings to cheer up the spirit of the 24 hours of Le Mans .  As you could spot the watch on Tom ‘s watch . It is the Rolex Perpetual Oyster Cosmograph Daytona watch edition .


For this Rolex Oyster Daytona watch is a stainless steel edition in full rose gold . The watch is housed in 42 mm solid steel case with executive house Oyster certificated to offer the water proof up to 200 m well suit for any diver in deep water . Full Rose gold dial with black sub-dials providing chronograph functions by setting via 2.00 and 4.00 pusher at 3.00 o’clock minuter counter . The stainless steel bracelet perfect brushed finish give the wearer a good touch .


Worth a mention is the back of this special edition on Tom Kristensen Rolex  having the ” 2011 24 hour Le Mans Champions ” marking engraved . Which is have outstanding sense for Tom or the whole team and event .