Breitling – Leonardo Good Partner In True Bloods





We all know Leonardo Dicaprio is a Hollywood hot movie stars who impress all us one and another successful and excellent movies including world-famous classical movies – the Titanic .


Not only Leo ‘s movies and all the roles impress us but also his heart full of love . He makes the most of every possible chance to raise the fund for all the poor in the world and devote all his life to help to build up a better living environment . And the cooperation between the Tag Heuer is the best proof for his passion in Charity . We hate to say . Leo is a very successful brand image ambassador having the very healthy , positive and progressive spirit


As a good and excellent partner for Tag Heuer brand . You will feel no surprise to spot any Tag Heuer Leonardo watch appearing on Leo .  And it is true , Leo himself frequently wear Tag Heuer watches in many occasions because Leo really love and respect this brand .


While if you spot Leo wearing a Breilting watch . Will you take it for granted ? I bet no . At least I will feed some kind of amazing . But it does happen .


In Leo ‘s movie Blood Diamond shooting in 2006 playing a role as Danny Archer who is a true blood man with very tough character born to be ready to take all the risk and challenges and always be in the dangerous places full of wars , guns and booms . And in the whole movie , what become the good partners and companion is a piece of  Breitling Superocean Chronograph  edition . The watch is just a hero as the protagonist and still remain a very perfect working condition after going through all kinds of dangers and sufferings .





We are sure you have quite a lot of interest of this powerful watch . Now we will future show you this amazing timepiece by a full information and photos


All the strong power came out from this watch could be rooted in the movement – The super swiss Quartz 73 movement , which is executive housed by Breitling with C.O.S.C certificated and equipped with complex functions including 60 minutes , chronograph and flyback functions . Even with many functions but easily set all the functions by just adjusting the crown and watch bezel and button.  Worth a mention is the materials used in the watch , instead of traditional stainless steel or titanium . This watch used titanium alloy materials , which feature in lighter weight than titanium and durable and strong pressure resistance specially made for the deep water environment . The sapphire crystal glass and screw-in watch bezel make sure the good water resistance .


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Tag Heuer Celebrate Leonardo DiCapri 38Th Birthday





The Hollywood super actor Leonardo DiCaprio just ushered his 38 year old birthday last month and celebrate at The Darby in New York with all the actors of the  Wolf Of Wall Street ( his latest new movie ) and some of his friends including Cameron Diaz ,  Beyonce Knowles and her husband Jay-Z and so on .


As the activist of the charity , Leo never forget to use the occasion to raise the fund Red cross to help people trapped in disaster of Hurricane Sandy . It was reported that Leo spend a huge amount at least $3 million on alcohol in his party , Which was not a was squander instead it is a charity for Leo by adding a fee to every bottle sold to be donated for charity



Leonardo DiCaprio is trying many different ways to raise the power to  support charities of human and environment including the cooperation with world-famous top luxury brand watch marker – Tag Heuer .

Share with Leo in common value such as relentless pursuit for supporting the charity . Tag Heuer and Leonardo DiCaprio cooperated each other to support two of the world’s most important environmental charities: the Natural Resources Defense Council and Green Cross International.   When the relationship was unveiled , Mr. DiCaprio donated a multi-million dollar commitment for the environmental charities to prove his purpose . And part of the profit from Replica Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph watches , which was advertised by Leo , will be straightly used to support the environment .


You also want to help Leo to build a better world , you probably don’t have the chance straightly work together with Leo but it will be a way to support Leonardo DiCaprio by taking this Tag Heuer Carrera watch home








For more on Leonardo’s upcoming projects and admirable charitable activities or Leonardo DiCaprio Tag Heuer visit official Tag Heuer





King Of the World – Leo Tag Heuer Fashion





Leonardo DiCaprio ( born November 11, 1974 ) is an film producer and Hollywood actor who have even been  nominated for the Golden Globe Award 8 times and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in his movie The Aviator  . Leo started his movie career in the early 1990s and won the international reputation in his excellent performance in classical love movie Titanic in 1997 with another world-famous actress Kate Winslet , we all know her role as Rose


Titanic is the classical love story and touch many people for the deep love between Jack and rose . Every time i watch this movie i would to tears . I believe Leo and Kate will grow up quite a lot after this movie . I am sure you still remember Jack Dawson Quotes in the Titanic movie “I’m the king of the world!” After growing up , Now Leo has become the real king of the world not only in his acting career but also in his trends world


Speak of luxury fashion . We have to mention the cooperation between Leo and Tag Heuer brand . Tag Heuer watch brand is a Swiss Luxury watch designer , manufactures created since 1890s .  Tag Heuer has long relationship with sports and Hollywood world to keep with its image as a luxury brand with an innovative spirit from its current lines  include Formula One, Aquaracer, Link, Carrera, Monaco and Grand Carrera.   Tag Heuer is very proud to have a Hollywood ambassador like Leo to represent the good image and spirit of Tag Heuer Link Men watches .








As one of the most popular and proud watch lines , Tag Heuer link impress others deep on its classical watches , which not only because of its design accord with human body engineering design but also the low-profile marking with elegant and modern breath


Tag Heuer Link Leo watches features its highly complex , sophisticated technology building up with stainless steel 316 L materials and a cushion shape with a round shape on the bezel in perfect polished finish . The remarkable S-link bracelet are crafted of gleaming stainless steel , which is the successful symbol of this brand .