Omega Speedmaster Professional – Simon Pegg – How to Lose Friends & Alienate People




How to Lose Friends & Alienate People was released in 2008 which is a comedy drama directed by Robert B. Weide starring Simon Pegg ( Sidney Young ) , Kirsten Dunst ( Alison Olsen )


The main character Sidney Young played by Simon Pegg receives a gift , which is an Omega Speedmaster Chronograph watch edition with iconic design of Omega , classical styling , stainless steel bracelet with reference # 3570.50.00


This movie is not a very successful one received mostly negative reviews with total worldwide gross was about US$19.1 million, forty percent less than the production budget . While the appearance of the Omega watch on the screen will absolutely a very successful arrange and draw many attention from the audience .


Omega-Speedmaster-Professional-Simon-Pegg-Lose-Friends-Alienate-People-1_0Replica Omega Speedmaster Watch in Original Box


As the popular celebrity magazine writer , Simon Pegg enjoys a lot of benefits and receives many gifts . The Omega watch is one of the gift packed in a typical original Omega box . Now we take a close-up of the watch inside the watch box .




The Omega Speedmaster Automatic Chronograph watches pre-owned as the Moon watch , which is the first and only watch chosen to be the accessory for the Space Explorations .  This Omega Speedmaster watch with reference #  3570.50.00 . The watch is equipped with executive  Omega 1861 Caliber manual-winding chronograph movement provide Rhodium-plated finish Power Reserve: 48 hours and water proof : 50 m  . The watch is housed with CRYSTAL Hesalite crystal to protect the watch from the scratch and other damage . The watch is with 42 mm stainless steel case with steel bracelet available in leather strap

Omega Speedmaster – Apollo 13


apollo13_oblique-20Apollo 13 and Omega Speedmaster Replica


Apollo 13 is the movie about the American Apollo space program and the seventh manned mission and the third intended to land on the Moon.


Just like the first Astronaut Neil Armstrong walking on the moon , The group of the spaceship in the movie Apollo 13 are all wearing the Moon watch – Omega Speedmaster Moon Apollo watch edition . Which is known as the Speedmaster Professional famous for being the first watch chosen by NASA for it’s space expedition and accompanied with Neil Armstrong stepping to the moon .


There are several models from Omega Speedmaster are spot in the movie . Some are equipped with regular stainless steel bracelet just they are . While some are upgrade with a large velcro band to be adjusted to any size to fit outside of the spacesuit



Omega-Speedmaster-Apollo-13-velcrow-band-1An Omega Speedmaster Chronograph Replica with velcro band, in the movie Apollo 13



As the professional weapon and only one brand timepiece chosen by NASA for it’s space expeditions , The Omega Speedmaster replica watches will be worn by present and future day astronauts on space missions





The Replica Omega Speedmaster watch has been on the market since 1957 , which is not the professional timepiece specially designed or developed for any space expeditions. But it has the qualification to be professional equipment used in space after a series of rigorous tests including the ability to resist extreme temperatures, vacuum and zero gravity .   In 1962 the first ever Omega Speedmaster watch proceeded the first mission to fly on board the Sigma 7 and worn by astronaut Walter Schirra . And soon in 1965 the Omega Speedmaster Chronograph was identified to be an official NASA flight with qualification for all manned space missions.


The space mission makes the Omega Speedmaster legendary history is the Apollo 11 Mission which was worn by astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and land on the moon first ever in 1969 and the Omega Speedmaster watches are known widely as the Moon watch