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Replica Rolex Submariner collection is a stunning testament to Rolex’s unsurpassed watch manufacturing expertise.Which set the standard for the production of all diving watches following it. The superior 1,000 feet of water resistance for which the diving community covets this luxury timepiece is made possible by the patented, Rolex-designed triple-seal Triplock screw-down winding crown.


The Replica Rolex Submariner Green Mens Watch 116610LV-97200 belongs to special 50th Anniversary edition which was released to celebrate 50 years of the iconic submariners. This 40 mm Stainless Steel watch for gents has all high performing diving watch features. The beautiful green shaded time lapse bezel and oyster fliplock bracelet add to the unique charm of the watch. This special submariner is having special characteristics different from the standard submariners. The rare green bezel and gleaming white extra large hour markers render high visibility under waters of 1000 feet and in dark places. The date is displayed at typical 3 O’clock position with Rolex signatures at standard 12/6 places. Matchless strength is boosted by strong steel materials of lugs and case and solid case back and screw down crown.

Rolex Date Day President replica Watch Reviews


When it comes to fashion , we know it always changing . Changing fashion is to show my rich taste world and fresh new concept of the fashion . When we talk about Rolex watch , it seems that fashion stay still , even though after hundred years , The fashion taste of Rolex never change and fashion become classical .

Rolex Date Day President replica watch takes the classic of classics and pushes the right buttons of enthusiasts everywhere . Women or men , Young or old . They all love it .

We take a day date replica presidential for example to see how it is amazing and we cannot take our sight off it .




We know Rolex is to represent the successful , power , money .  That is why we could usually see the Rolex date day presidential watch comes with full gold in dail , case and bracelet to show us a dazziling and unique taste .

There are 2 size of 36 mm or 40 mm . Both well suit the meeting of ladies or gentleman .


Insights on Other Three of My Rolex Fake Watches Favorites

I cannot remember how many articles I wrote in my blog about Rolex watches . Today again i still wanna talk about my replica Rolex watch articles , Obveriously I am totally love Rolex replica and I could not possibly leave out this two-tone stainless steel and yellow gold plated Rolex Yacht-Master replica watch.

Rolex Yacht-Master Fake Watch


Very hot model in the replica watch store , Very classical style made from Rolex but still timeless .  Even the replica watch can be with such amazing looking . All markings of Rolex are so well cloned on this copy . All stainless steel case and bracelet with Two Tone 18kt Yellow gold plated , very thick coating and you never need to worry its fading away in a short time . Very traditional Rolex make dial with a large date located at 3.00 . Bezel is brushed and polished as well, pushers and crown are well cloned and it just looks so fresh and clean. Watch out on this piece because the original is white gold priced well over $30k so wear it properly


Must-Have Book for Watch Lovers, Patek Philippe in America by John Reardon


Patek Philippe has gained quite the loyal following as one of the world’s premiere time brands, and little else can shake a watch lover to the core more than one of their highly coveted pieces. Those with a vested interest in haute horology, Pateks in particular, absolutely need to pick up a copy of Patek Philippe in America: Marketing the World’s Foremost Watch.

The 356-page book, by veteran Sotheby’s Watch Department and Patek Philippe USA figureJohn Reardon, takes a look at how the independent and single family-owned business came to emerge in American culture as the ultimate status symbol. The book is oversizedrichly-illustrated, and highlights many of the most important watchestechnical innovations, and U.S. retailers of the 19th and 20th centuries – that, and it would like absolutely stellar on your desk or coffee table.

Patek Philippe in America takes readers through the brand’s enthralling history, as well as for a look into American culture’s relationship with luxury goods. Patek Philippe’s well-known tagline is explored as the brand’s mantra and force behind its status as superior in the time brand sector:“You never actually own a Patek Philippe, you merely look after it for the next generation.”Reardon explores this sense of relationship dedicated Patek owners feel with their pieces, evidencing the incredible mark this brand has left in our culture.


Reardon explores the brand through time, and continues through the 20th century with features on the pieces worn by some of history’s greatest names – Duke Ellington, Seabiscuit trainer Tom Smith, Joe Di Maggio, President Truman, Sugar Ray Robinson, Walt Disney, Benny Goodman, Bing Crosby, General Douglas MacArthur, Grace Kelly, and more.

Reardon also explores the period from the late 1960s through the 80s, an especially controversial and interesting period for the celebrated brand. As electronic and quartz watches began to popularize, one story in particular – involving Replica Rolex – speaks volumes of the incredible respect these burgeoning watchmakers held for Patek, but we won’t ruin the suspense for you. (But believe us, this is a piece of horological history that you’ll definitely want to know.)

The book is comprehensive, engaging, and an in-depth look at one of the world’s most revered time brands. Whether you already are an established collector of fine pieces or just harbor an interest in time’s finer things, the history behind Patek Philippe is most certainly one worth knowing. According to Forbes, Patek Philippe in America is published in a limited first run of 1,500 copies and may be purchased for $395 from the replica  swiss watches’s website.

Mark Wahlberg and his love for Rolex


If you know Mark Wahlberg , you must know he is a huge Rolex fan and we can also say he is a little too obsessed with rolex . Why we say so , because he has ever been seen carrying with many different model of Rolex and also spotted to sporting a Rolex more than $25000 to Jimmy Kimmel earlier in 2013 . And it is a Yellow gold Rolex GMT Master Replica full ceramical watch in green , a 50th Aniversary edition .



This Guy no doubt has a very amazing career from the beginning with New Kids on the Block, to being a top model like . We all know his famous underwearing advertisement for Calvin Klein , very sexy haha . Also his many excellent roles in various movies . He has done them so good . Maybe we hardly find Rolex in some of his hit movies and we could also spot him wearing some other sorts of gorgeous luxury watches but beyond doubt Rolex is his First Love . 



In the photo above , we can see it is still the GMT Rolex replica gold watch on Mark Wahlberg ‘s wrist .




Reviews of Celebrities Luxury Watches


We all know when we want to know what is in fashion , We have some reference by putting our eyes into the celebrities . When you read the magazines and it is dedicated to ” who is wearing what ” And that is the seasonal fashion trend to follow . That means for the brand watches too .


Celebrities always are spotted a luxury watches or collect brand watches all can drive the force of the popularity of the luxury watches . So now in our this blog , we will put together together some images of celebrities wearing the luxury brands watches . 


John Mayer: Classic, Sleek Style with a Steel Rolex Submariner

John Mayer: Classic, Sleek Style with a Steel Rolex Submariner Replica 


Sylvester Stallone: Punk Rock Glam with a Steel and Diamond Skull Jacob & Co.

Sylvester Stallone: Punk Rock Glam with a Steel and Diamond Skull Jacob & Co


Heidi Klum: Taking On the Oversized Watch Trend with a Panerai Luminor Marina

Heidi Klum: Taking On the Oversized Watch Trend with a Panerai Luminor Marina


Sandra Bullock: Sparking New Trends with a White Ceramic and Diamond Chanel J12

Sandra Bullock: Sparking New Trends with a White Ceramic and Diamond Chanel J12


My Successful Rolex Story

Rolex watches are not a stranger to almost everyone while it is so far away from most of us because of its sky-high price seldom can afford owning one .  Never feel disappointed when talk of Rolex or any other luxury brand , everyone have chance to access these gorgeous pieces when you turn your choice to our replica AAA watches .



Rox -039 Rolex GMT Master II Automatic Gold WatchRox -039 Rolex GMT Master II Automatic Gold WatchRox -039 Rolex GMT Master II Automatic Gold WatchRox -039 Rolex GMT Master II Automatic Gold Watch



What is AAA grade . This is special grade for replica products . All replica Rolex watches shown in our store are all top AAA grade , which is the second highest quality except 1:1 copy watches . 1:1 copy is made exactly to the genuine watch including movement ( swiss movement ) , functions , all markers .


If you just pick up a watch for diary wearing or sent out as a gift . AAA grade is wise choice because it cost much cheaper of high quality .


Now I am ready to recommend you a replica Rolex  for your diary wearing suitable for any occasion






A good Replica is not enjoy to just make same good-looking appearance as original ones to show everybody what a classy and stylish person you are but also it will say things about your character and it will work well.


Our replica gold Rolex watches care all these for you . Every piece in our store is made with high quality materials : stainless steel , sapphire crystal and driven by a good quality automatic providing all good features for the watches .

Wearing our Rolex watch replica will attract great attention in the crowed but also our class and quality of the watch will add to your self confidence and you will enjoy owning a great, stylish and reliable watch